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Brämhults: fruit juice just like fresh-squeezed

Brämhults stands for authenticity, natural quality and a blend of tradition and contemporary lifestyles. The premium brand is known for its chilled fruit and vegetable juices pressed locally at its plant in Brämhult in southern Sweden and delivered the day after they are ordered. Only the best and freshest seasonal fruits are used. Consumers appreciate the high quality standards and the taste of these products made by the official court supplier to the Swedish royal family.

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a pioneer in the production of healthy juice

Helping people through healthier nutrition – that was the idea conceived by Sigvard Berggren, who founded the company in the outskirts of the Swedish city of Borås in 1947. It all began with producing freshly pressed carrot juice from carrots grown on local farms. Today Brämhults juices are not only favourites in Sweden, but are sold with success in Norway, Denmark and Finland as well.

Product portfolio:
delicious fruit and vegetable combinations

Brämhults’ best-known product line is the “Nypressade” fruit juice range, which includes freshly squeezed orange juice as well as other flavour varieties – from fresh-pressed carrots to interesting combinations made with oranges, strawberries, raspberries or pineapples.

The Brämhults product portfolio also includes chilled smoothies in several delicious flavours and freshly pressed vegetable juices refined with fruit.  

A delicious range of chilled lemonades, based on freshly squeezed lemons in tasteful combinations with other fruits, berries and herbs, also contributes to the wide assortment of fruits based beverages in the assortment of Brämhults.

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