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granini: the best fruit for the best juice.
A brand icon with immense international potential

granini attracts consumers every day in over 50 countries the world over with its extraordinary fruitiness and superior quality. The best sun-ripened fruits and careful processing are the basis for the premium quality of granini products. The brand is a veritable icon in the fruit juice market – one that stands apart from the crowd thanks above all to its unique dimpled bottle.

History: inspired by Italian fruit juice

The success story of the international granini fruit juice brand began in 1965. Inspired by fruit juice from Italy, granini Trinkfrucht was introduced to the market in Germany. Today, granini is one of the leading premium fruit juices in Europe and the strongest brand in the portfolio of the Eckes-Granini Group. granini products are available at retail food stores and in the out-of-home sector.

Product portfolio: a wide range of delightful flavours in retail and out of home

For breakfast at home, as a refreshing treat for people on the go or in restaurants and hotels – granini’s quality, popularity and unrivalled product range make it to the  preferred brand – thus in both channels, retail as well as out of home. Granini covers the full taste spectrum with over 40 flavour varieties.


DIE LIMO von granini: the refreshment drink for adults

In 2013 granini entered very successful the new segment: lemonade with DIE LIMO from granini in Germany. The three fruity, refreshing varieties: orange + lemongras, pink grapefruit + cranberry, lime + citron have a genuine fruit flavour and a tart-sweet touch appeal. DIE LIMO from granini is primarily the lemonade for adult lemonade consumers.





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