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hohes C – Fruit juice for the whole family

Since 1958, millions of parents and children have placed their trust in hohes C, the most popular German fruit juice brand. These 100% pure juices are rich in natural vitamin C and pro-duced without added sugar, colourings or preservatives and in keeping with vegan quality standards. Thus they contribute dai-ly to healthy, enjoyable nutrition.

hohes C pioneers ready-to-drink orange juice

hohes C was introduced to the German market as the first ready-to-drink orange juice in 1958 – a genuine innovation that consumers have come to rely on today. With a brand awareness rating of nearly 100%, hohes C is not only the most popular fruit juice in Germany, but also a favourite in Switzerland, Austria and Hungary.

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Product portfolio:
fruit juices for a healthy lifestyle

In addition to hohes C Orange, the popular and proven classic, numerous other fruit juice variations, such as Multivitamin, Red Multivitamin and Breakfast Juice, provide for delicious diversity. And the brand is a source of impulses for juicy innovations in other segments as well. hohes C Naturelle, for example, caters for the “drink-lots-of-liquids” health trend, and stands apart from other “water-plus” beverages by virtue of its unique flavour and composition. Like all hohes C products, it contains no artificial additives or sweeteners and is rich in natural vitamin C.


Another innovation is hohes C Naturelle Tea, a light, fruity thirst-quencher in a combination of delicious fruit juice and select white tea extract.

Healthy fruit juices with “added benefits”

Hohes C responds to the special wants and needs of consum-ers with different sub-ranges of healthy fruit juices with “added benefits” – from the low-acid varieties in the hohes C Mild range to hohes C Local Harvest, consisting of fruit harvested at peak ripeness in Germany and Austria (97%) as well as vitamin-rich acerola (3%), to hohes C PLUS, with additional healthy nutri-ents for a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


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