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Joker: Fruit juice enjoyment and wellness in the same glass

Made from carefully selected fruits using extremely gentle processing methods, Joker is one of the leading fruit juice brands in France. The brand is firmly established in the fruit beverage market and known above all for its healthful products. Thanks above all to its successful concept based on high quality standards and extensive experience in fruit juice production, Joker has achieved a brand awareness rating of over 90 percent in France.


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History: A long tradition of fruit juice expetise

Joker’s roots can be traced to Mâcon in the French Burgundy region. In 1936, founder Henry Malvoisin, a wine merchant and passionate card-player, named the product for his favourite playing card. Since then, the company has invested continuously in research and development and acquired extensive know-how in the field of fruit juice production. The brand’s growth has been accompanied by a history of successful advertising that dates back to its earliest years.


Product portfolio: juice enjoyment for every taste and preference

With its broad and varied product range, this traditional brand has the right juice for every taste and target group. The core portfolio includes the two sub-brands Joker 100% Pur Jus, a direct juice sold in the distinctive square PET bottle, and Joker Le Fruit in the eye-catching oval carton container.




Pure refreshment: lots of fruit, very little sugar

The two refreshment drink sub-ranges – Joker Superfruit and Joker Fruigolo, a product concept developed specifically for children – offer high fruit content (70%) and are produced entirely without added sugar.


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