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Pago fruit juices: intense taste experience

Surely everyone is familiar with the small, green glass bottle with the yellow cap. Pago, the traditional Austrian brand, has stood for authentic taste and the best nature has to offer since 1888. The “liquid fruit” in the Pago bottle is as pure as possible and free of artificial additives, colourings and preservatives. With this philosophy, Austria’s most popular fruit juice brand is successfully represented in over 35 countries all over the world. The most important sales markets – aside from Austria – are in France, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Sweden and Great Britain. Fruity Pago juices are now standard menu items in bars, restaurants and hotels.

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History: liquid fruit as a recipe for success

The brothers Franz and Jakob Pagitz originally laid the cornerstone for an innovative product concept in Klagenfurt, Austria. The fruit used to make their juice was to be bottled without artificial additives – a goal that required extremely complicated processes under the prevailing conditions of the time, and one that no fruit juice producer had ever achieved before. To create the brand name, they combined their family name Pagitz with the German word “Obst” (for fruit), and came up with Pago.




Product portfolio: more than 30 varieties

Pago continues to draw its inspiration from nature today. With a diverse range of fruit beverages – including juices, nectars, drinks and pricklers – Pago responds to the many different needs and preferences of consumers today. More than 30 varieties, including numerous innovative variations, provide for one new fruity taste experience after another.


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