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Naturally colourful diversity in juice

Rynkeby with its signature red butterfly on a green background is one of the most popular fruit juice brands in Northern Europe and supplies a brand of natural juices, a variety of flavours and healthy indulgence in a wide range of fruit and vegetable juices, squashes, concentrates and soft drinks. Whether on the breakfast table, on the move, or during a break, lots of people wouldn’t be without their daily dose of Rynkeby fresh product ideas in all their naturalness and consistent high quality. The company processes fruit from more than twenty-five countries for bottling at its production site in Ringe, Denmark, the country that is also the most important market for the popular juice range while giving Rynkeby a clear lead on that market.



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It all started at Inger’s apple orchard

The Rynkeby story began in 1934 at the time of the Ringe apple harvest. Inger Rasmussen took a course in juicing to make use of her apple surplus. Originally intended for family consumption, her apple juice tasted so good that all the neighbours took their surpluses to Inger for juicing, and the next autumn saw Inger producing an incredible five thousand bottles of apple juice in her small family kitchen. This eventually turned into one of the most popular juice brands in Northern Europe.









Fruity tastiness in more than forty varieties

Rynkeby still has a variety of apple juices on offer plus more than forty fruit beverages such as juices, squashes, soft drinks and concentrates in all their fruity diversity. In addition to classics such as orange, tomato and multivitamin, the company has products to match the latest consumer trends perfectly with juice creations such as lime ginger and crisp apple, as well as juices from organically grown fruit.


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