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Marli Juissi

SIÓ: We are crazy about Hungarian fruits

The fruit farmers of SIÓ not only own their trees, but also live in symbiosis with them. They all work with their own hands to ensure top-quality cultivation in the orchards. Day by day we see how lovingly they care for their fruits, and we hope they also see us process the fruits with similar care. Maybe that is the reason why SIÓ fruit nectars and drinks offer the real taste of Hungarian fruits, as authentic as if you bit into the fruit itself. We rely on tradition and international expertise to offer the very best products on the Hungarian fruit-based drinks market, which enhance a healthy and joyful life

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History: over three decades of juice expertise

Everyone in Hungary knows and loves SIÓ, for the fruit beverage brand first introduced in 1977 is the oldest and most popular brand in the country. That status is backed by fruit juice expertise developed progressively over a period of decades. People know and appreciate SIÓ for its strong Hungarian fruit-growing tradition and for outstanding product quality, innovation and exciting new impulses in the rapidly evolving Hungarian fruit beverage market.


Product portfolio: fruity, juicy, delicious – juices for both young and old

Regardless of the season or time of day, and no matter whether they are consumed purposely as healthy fruit juices or simply as refreshing drinks between meals – these fruity, juicy SIÓ products are always delicious and just right for every occasion. And the product portfolio is accordingly large – from the Classic range to the premium line of direct juices made from Hungarian fruit.

The diverse range of juices, nectars and fruit beverages includes the fruitiest fruit juice range “Directly Pressed”, the exciting & delicious combination of different fruits freshly pressed to ensure best taste. SIÓ Syrups are for those who like to enjoy homemade refreshing drinks. The SIÓ Light range made from real fruit without sugar caters for the wants and needs of diabetics and health-conscious target group. The extensive portfolio is rounded out by the SIÓ Vitatigris line of children’s products.




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