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YO fruit syrup: makes your life fruity!
From number one in Austria to an export hit

Only the fruitiest fruits, juicy and harvest-ripe, are selected for YO and combined with the syrup expert’s decades of experience to create delicious fruit syrups. This popular Austrian brand stands for the highest quality standards and especially close ties with consumers. That is evident in both products and packaging. The ergonomic bottle and the practical anti-spill cap, for example, provides for easy pouring with no spilling. Thus YO Syrup is a delicious, practical thirst-quencher for the whole family.

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History: success through fruit juice expertise

Fruit syrup has played an important role in the portfolio of the YO brand, which started out as a producer of fruit juice, since the mid-1970s. YO fruit syrup gained rapidly growing popularity with a steadily expanding range of new varieties. YO’s unique fruit juice expertise is a key contributor to the brand’s success today – in its home market of Austria and among German, Czech and Hungarian customers as well, for example.


Yo Kind mit Syrup

Product portfolio: a fruit selection of syrups
A broad portfolio consisting of traditional “Classic” varieties, as well as innovative subranges, form the basis for the brand’s record of success. Under the YO Classic label, consumers can choose from a wide range of popular flavour varieties, including raspberry, blackcurrant and elderflower.  

The YO fresh subrange offers refreshing thirst-quenchers with natural lemon flavour.  These fruity syrups made with fresh-tart citrus fruits are naturally less sweet. Alternating summer and winter varieties are available in the YO Seasonal Fruits range.


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