ECKES granini the best of fruit   Brief Profile

A leading producer of branded fruit juices
and fruit-based refreshment beverages in Europe

The Eckes-Granini Group based in Nieder-Olm, Deutschland (Rhineland-Palatinate) is a financially sound and independent family-owned enterprise with annual turnover amounting to 893 Millionen Euros.
“We bring the best of fruit for a healthy and enjoyable life” – that is the guiding principle behind everything we do. Well-qualified, committed employees, strong brands and a long-term strategy devoted to sustainable value enhancement are pillars of strength at Eckes-Granini.

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Brief Profile

Since the early 1990s, we have pursued a consistent international expansion strategy. Today, we are represented by our national organizations and strategic partners in Europe and employ roughly 1684 people. We shall continue to seek ways to achieve further growth in future – through organic development as well as acquisitions and strategic partnerships.


The internationally renowned premium brand granini and our strong national and regional brands are the foundation of our business. Enjoyment and health, innovation and tradition – these are the goals to which we are dedicated
as an independent brand producer in the beverage industry. Superior quality is our highest priority – from the selection of fruits and raw materials to our gentle production process to the finished product.

We have established a strong presence throughout Europe with an innovative product portfolio in the retail food trade and the out-of-home sector.

In over 80 countries all over the world – and above all in Europe –consumers have come to know and appreciate our juices, fruity thirst-quenchers and refreshing beverages. Several key factors have contributed to the strong success of our brands: unique positioning, sustained innovation and advertising support and outstanding product quality.




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