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Eckes-Granin Historie
The name Eckes stands for one of the oldest traditional brand producers in Germany and one of Europe’s leading beverage suppliers. We look back today over 150 years of success based on people and brands, driven by innovation and international expansion and built on a foundation of courage and continuity.

Over the years, the family enterprise founded in Nieder-Olm by Peter Eckes in 1857 has evolved from a regional spirits producer into one of the leading producers of branded fruit beverages in Europe. With extraordinary foresight, the company began producing and marketing fruit juices as early as the 1930s.

The acquisition of the international premium brand granini in 1994 led to the founding of Eckes-Granini GmbH & Co. KG as an independent company specialized in fruit beverages.

After completing its withdrawal from the alcoholic beverages business, Eckes AG was reconstituted as the financial holding company of the Eckes-Granini Group in 2006/2007. Since then, the Group has consistently pursued its express strategy of focusing on the production and marketing of branded products in the fruit beverage segment.

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