ECKES granini the best of fruit   KEY-MARKET-SEGMENTS

Ideally positioned in the market

The Eckes-Granini Group is active with its brands and products in the following key market segments:



Fruit juices and -nectars

Chilled fruit juices

Fruit-based refreshment drinks

Fruit syrups


Our core comprises fruit juices and -nectars. It is also the largest segment in the overall fruit beverage market.



We respond to the progressive trend toward chilled products and the rising demand in this segment
with freshly-squeezed premium juices - and with
the brands marketed by Brämhults in Scandinavia and Zamba in Switzerland. Consumers of refreshing beverages have shown an increasing tendency to favour natural fruit products.

We offer attractive varieties of our wellknown brands in many countries, including the carbonated fruit refreshment Die Limo from granini and the non-carbonated thirst-quenchers in the hohes C Naturelle range. In some Countries fruit syrups are very popular. Eckes-granini is offering the brands YO an Mehukatti in the fruit syrup market.

Eckes-Granini has achieved outstanding success in the fruit syrup market with the YO and Mehukatti brands. The “fruitiest fruits from YO” come from Austria and are extraordinarily popular not only in the brand’s home country but also among consumers in Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary – to name only the most important national markets.




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