ECKES granini the best of fruit   Our Purpose

Shared values and beliefs – across all boundaries

In addition to a clear vision and strategy, our thoughts and actions are based on certain values and beliefs. Despite the cultural differences that are only natural in a group composed of 15 European national organizations, our (corporate) identity is shaped by a number of common principles.


This unifying identity, which we have “discovered” and defined in our “Purpose” links business goals with ideals across national and departmental

boundaries. It gives our work meaning and helps

us – as the Eckes-Granini Group – achieve a shared sense of where we have come from, where we stand today and where we want to go.


Our Purpose is based on the spirit, the beliefs and the values and ideas of the company and its employees. It is defined by three essential elements:

• Our inspirational dream
• Our beliefs
• Our spirit and character



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