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Consumers in over 80 countries have come to
appreciate the brands and products marketed by Eckes-Granini

Exporting our brands to countries all over the world and establishing them in countries in which the Eckes-Granini Group has no national subsidiaries – that is our mission. Important focal points of our export activities are Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


We are already present with our brands and products in over 80 countries – from Norway to the Ivory Coast, from Argentina to Hong Kong to New Caledonia. They can be found on store shelves and in the out-of-home sector, especially in hotels and restaurants.


We rely on our premium brands in export as well. Our flagship brand in the fruit juice and nectar segment is granini, and YO plays the leading role in the syrup market. We also offer individual local brands in certain regions, such as Réa and Joker.

Some of our export activities are carried out in cooperation with importers who market our products locally. We also work with our own sales representatives in certain European countries (e.g. the Czech Republic, Russia and Belgium). Several of our brands (such as Réa in the French Overseas Territories) are produced under licence abroad.






Graph: Brands in 80 countries




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