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We make life more fruitful

In addition to bundling individual activities, one of the
most important objectives of the sustainability team is to
ensure that Eckes-Granini pursues a coordinated, focused
and systematic approach in all countries and departments.
In the initial phase of their work, the members of this
team developed a strategic framework for all measures and

Strategic framework for sustainability

Our single-minded-focus
is on offering highest-quality
fruit products

We represent
and value local
and cultures

We represent the
basic common-
sense values of

“We strive to balance the social, economic and ecological impact
of our business activities”.

We make life more fruitful

A central aspect of this strategic approach is our focus on the three key areas –
products, people and the value chain – in which we aim to achieve sustainable
progress. The approach also incorporates the three aspects that are most
important to our organization: fruit quality, the values of our family enterprise,
and local ties. These factors are then consistently reflected in the goals,
initiatives and measures we pursue and realize in the interest of sustainability.

Support for our strategic plans and initiatives is provided above all by the experts
at the Zentrum für Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung (Centre for Sustainable Corporate
Management, ZNU) of the Universität Witten/Herdecke. We joined the approximately 30
prominent brand producers who cooperate
as members of this partner network
of experts in science and industrial
practice in 2013.


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