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From tree to bottle

As a family enterprise, we have consistently placed strong emphasis on
corporate responsibility and sustainable action for as long as we have
been in business. We have been supporting and promoting a wide range of
initiatives that reflect our sense of responsibility for products, people
and our value chain for decades.

Numerous examples can be found in the various countries in which we are
represented. The task of consolidating and coordinating these activities
is entrusted to a sustainability team established specifically for this
purpose and composed of members from different corporate units.

Anführungszeichen We have adopted a strategy devoted to the continued pursuit and progressive expansion of efforts and measures in support of sustainable management in the years to come. Anführungszeichen

Thomas Hinderer, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board.

Authentic and credible

As we continue to develop, articulate and implement our sustainability
strategy, we are guided above all by the firm conviction that everything
we do in the interest of sustainability is in harmony with our corporate
philosophy. Thus our sustainability strategy is focused to a significant
degree on preserving the heritage of our family enterprise – including
its specific beliefs, values and strengths.

As a family enterprise, far-sighted thinking and the desire to pass our
business on to future generations are anchored in our genes, so to speak –
as is our commitment to such traditional values as authenticity, credibility
and reliability, respect, openness, a sense of belonging, flexibility and

Authentic and credible

Our commitment to sustainable management is also a
key element of our “Purpose”, in keeping with which
we work to balance the social, economic and ecological
consequences of our business activities. Moreover, the
principle that the organization and its employees act
in a consistently sustainable and responsible manner
is firmly established in our Code of Conduct.

Our Purpose

We give people the best of fruit for a healthy and enjoyable
life. That is our guiding principle. It is based on shared
beliefs and on the spirit of “opening new dimensions together”
and the character of the organization and its employees. They
are distinguished, among other qualities, by their courage,
their entrepreneurial mindset and their passion.

We may not be perfect, but we

strive continuosly to improve

We regard sustainability management as a continuous learning and improvement
process. And we are aware above all that we are not perfect. There is always
something that can be improved. However, we focus intensely and systematically
on essential aspects of sustainability and strive for continuous improvement.

We have set concrete goals for the three key areas – responsibility for products,
people and the value chain – and aim to realize them by the year 2020. With that
in mind, corresponding projects and measures were initiated in all countries and
departments during the next phase. We monitor the progress of these activities
regularly with regard to their internal and external transparency and make
adjustments and improvement wherever they are needed.


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